In 2005, Aaron Snegg, Norman Villarina and Doug Wertheimer formed a partnership to invest in light industrial real estate (the "Partnership"). The Partnership is branded as Berkeley Partners (the "Company") and includes a seasoned team of professionals with diversified experience in fund management, real estate investment, property and leasing management.

The Company and its affiliated entities make-up a vertically integrated real estate operating company, which has demonstrated an ability to manage investments, operations and dispositions through market cycles. The Company believes its ability to quickly analyze, complete due diligence and close acquisitions sets it apart from other fund managers and operators. The Company attempts to add value by stabilizing under-managed or distressed assets, aggregating a critical mass of industrial properties and adding institutional quality management to an inefficient asset class.


The Partnership formed its first value-add industrial real estate fund in 2006 comprised principally of high net worth investors. Subsequently, the firm raised an additional high net worth value add industrial fund, as well as a private REIT. In 2013, the Partnership raised its first institutional value add industrial fund, which includes large public pensions, insurance companies and high net worth individuals.


The Company provides investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of risk/return strategies, including:

  • value added funds
  • income-oriented funds
  • separate accounts
  • co-investments and joint ventures.